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  • "When it comes to sheets, the most important factor for me is how the fabric feels against my bare skin. I don’t have any allergies, but I do have sensitive skin. So, the fact that these are GOTS-certified organic soothed my mind and my body.”

“The name SOJAO directly translates to “go to sleep” in Hindi – it comes with the intention of everyone getting a good night’s rest, from consumers who use SOJAO bedding to producers like cotton farmers.”
“Sojao’s bed sheets boast the perfect thread count (300) using single-ply yarn.”
  • “The first and only organic bedding company in Singapore and Asia and I was so impressed with their transparency and their values … They do tick all the boxes.”

“For the conscious tree-hugger who wants a guilt-free sleep.”
“Organic cotton is on the rise and SOJAO is a strong proponent.”
  • “We can appreciate the minimalist, no-nonsense approach of local label SOJAO — all they’re focused on is organic cotton bedsheets that look great, feel good, and are ethically-made, at a price point most people can afford. … All this leaves us with incredibly soft sheets, so we can sleep easy.”

“So soft, you wouldn’t want to leave your bed… Going green has never looked so good.”
“Thanks to local brand SOJAO, you can opt for choices that are healthier for both the planet and yourself. ”
  • “If you are looking to sleep in luxury, you will want to get your sheets here.”


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