A Japanese Teahouse Made For Rest

A Japanese Teahouse Made For Rest
Diana & Adrian
We are mosaics of all the people we’ve ever loved – a reality Diana and Adrian’s home perfectly represents. With framed art by their muses and film photographs of their loved ones proudly on display, you get a sense of the kind of people they are. Glowing lamps, occasional crackles from a spinning vinyl and a worn rattan chair - the otherwise minimal living space left us longing for simpler times where we could gather and be. 

Singapore 5 Room HDB Japanese style renovation

 We are both in the creative industry - Adrian is a wedding photographer (Adrian Seetho Photography) and Diana is an illustrator/designer (The Wild Abandon). Work aside, we are also avid film photographers, and enjoy chronicling our daily lives and travel journeys in film.”

Photos Marble Queen on wooden shelf

“Taiwan and Japan have always been huge inspirations to us - both in our creative pursuits and life ideology. We admire the genuine and earnest appreciation for the simple things in life.”

Japanese woody interior decor in Singapore 5 room HDB flat

So we started the styling process with an old Japanese teahouse in mind - with plenty of wood and earthy tones made personal with small items of personal memorabilia.”

Vintage hanging glass lamp for apartment kitchen set up

 “We were careful not to overdo it, as we wanted plenty of breathing space as well.”

Japanese Teahouse in Singapore 5 room HDB flat

“Our day often starts off with a nice warm cup of coffee, sharing and dissecting the many strange dreams we had the previous night. With beautiful warm light streaming into the kitchen, we often end up overstaying and starting our day much later than scheduled. Diana’s love for her plants mean that she often spends her entire morning showering and speaking to her little children anyway.” 

Stephania Erecta blooming

“We love spending time in our living room. It’s a place of rejuvenation, entertainment, and gathering depending on the time of the day.”

Woody Japanese styled HDB 5 room flat living room interior design

“In the day, it’s the place where we take our little breaks - sipping our coffee while admiring our little plant corner by the balcony. In the evening, it’s where most of the magic happens - movie nights, late night conversations and video games.

Modern plant-filled balcony against cement screed wall

We are both pretty simple people who enjoy spending quality time with small groups of family and friends. Big gatherings freak us out a little. The small communal spaces around the house, in the living and dining rooms, help provide a cosy space for family and friends to gather for a nice meal, and a board game after.”

Singaporean couple laughing while working from home together

“As we’re both freelancers, we find having a dedicated room for work really helpful, as it helps to create a clear boundary between work and rest. We also make a conscious effort to ensure nothing work related leaves the work room, to help sustain the balance.”

Singapore work from home set up with Tableguy Wooden Study tables

“We are fortunate to have liberty over our own time and because we are both the sort to have bursts of productivity, we tend to have dedicated free days followed by full-on work days.”

Tall standing Everfresh house plant

“Our timber-clad and plant-laden home also helps supplement our love and need for nature, and keeps us happy.

Wooden shelf with alocasia and rattan chair in modern woody home

“Being really sentimental people, we enjoy being surrounded with our favourite memories - old photos, handwritten notes, pictures and toys. 

don't gossip cute postcard by thai artist

A strong sense of nostalgia definitely plays a big part in decorating our home.”

audio technica turntable in retro interior set up

“The turntable, which was a gift from a friend, sits in one of our favourite nooks which we plastered with photos of our loved ones and close friends. I really like the different sound quality of vinyl records.”

Salvaged antique taiwanese window

The charming window frame that sits in our dining area is from an old house in Tainan that was going to be demolished, and my brother and my sister-in-law Ting carried it back to Singapore for us.”

Film photography at the beach in black frames

“Our corridor is lined with two of our favourite photographs. It was taken in 2019, at a beach in Bali. That night, we were there with some of our family and friends and we were just having a great time dancing by the beach, under the moonlight. Most importantly, the photos were taken by Ting, and that makes it even more precious to us.”

“Looking at them reminds us of how carefree we were at that moment - with the gentle breeze against our faces, the water and sand in our feet, accompanied by the sound of the waves and laughters of our loved ones.”

Vintage design dresser with arch mirror

“Most of our furniture and small household items are from MUJI, and others from local furniture shops like Second Charm, Table Guy and Castlery. Simplicity and functionality is what we love about pieces we choose and we also look out for pieces made with quality materials, built to last a long time.”

Little Thunder hong kong artist society 6 prints in black frames

“Being creatives ourselves, we are also strong advocates of supporting small businesses and independent artists. Many of the artworks and potteries we have at home are drawn and made by various independent artists whom we support.”

Staghorn fern mounted on wall in home

“Diana occasionally dabbles in pottery and this set of ceramic cups were handmade by her. They were fired at Ceramic House with a traditional gas kiln instead of an electric one. Theres a certain unpredictability in the outcome of gas firing that she really loves, and the surprises she gets from the process, in the final products.

Retro glass lamp with ceramic ware on wooden shelf

“Embarrassed to say, we can’t sleep without our air-con on! As we both perspire easily, sleeping in Singapore’s climate can get a little uncomfortable sometimes. However, as the night progresses, we often find ourselves shivering from the cold and seeking for warmth. Because of this, we struggled to find the perfect set of bedsheets that fit our needs.”

shibori fabric hanging on doorway

We love our new SOJAO sheets so much! The colour of the sheets bring forth a much needed warmth into our room. We were initially a little worried about Autumn being too bold a colour for us, but were pleasantly surprised by how comfortable and soothing the shade was.”

burnt orange organic cotton bedsheets against cement screed wallDiana and Adrian’s bed is dressed in a Crisp Mint Fitted Sheet, Classic Navy Flat Sheet, Classic White Pillow Case Pair and Duvet Cover with an extra Classic Autumn Pillow Case Pair

The sheets were also easy to fit on, and fitted our bed perfectly. But most importantly, the material of the sheets was so smooth and comfortable to sleep in! The sheets feel really cool, which is really important for hot sleepers like us. And the texture of the sheets feel really soft and easy on our skin too!

This is by far the most comfortable sheets we have ever slept on!” 

Asian couple having morning coffee in dining area

“Ever since we moved into our space, we’ve learnt so much about responsibility and self ownership. Being owners of our own home, there is so many new things we learn each day - which cleaning solution works best for which material, what tools we will need to drill a shelf into the wall or how many layers of paint is required to paint a wall. It has been a really rewarding journey so far.”

It has also provided us with a deeper appreciation and gratitude towards our parents as we now learnt how challenging it is to build a home and to literally keep the roof over our heads.”

style your room like a japanese teahouse

Home is a place of rest for us, which is also why we named our place Yasumu’, which means ‘Rest in Japanese.” 

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