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The softest certified organic cotton shirts and tees for staying home, heading out, or as pyjamas for sleeping in. Moisture-wicking and breathable for maximum comfort, these come in the widest range of sizes from extra small to extra large for a diverse fit.


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What is a Loungewear?

Loungewear refers to casual and comfortable clothing worn at home for relaxation and ease of movement. The best loungewear (SOJAO, of course!) is often made from soft, cooling, and breathable fabrics. This ensures that whether you are staying in or heading out, you can do so in absolute comfort and style.

Loungewear for Every Occasion

When comfort meets style, loungewear is designed to be multi-functional, perfect for both relaxing at home and casual outings, allowing you to look put together while feeling cozy!

Feel Cool During Warm Days

SOJAO loungewear is made from certified organic cotton, making it moisture-wicking and breathable, helping you feel cool and relaxed even on the warmest days.


You can find men's loungewear here and women's loungewear here. If you're gender-nonconforming, please rest assured that our clothes are quite gender-neutral. The main difference between both categories is the cutting and fit, so feel comfortable selecting what works best for you!

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