About Us

Our Founders

"Bedsheets?" That's the most common response we get when we tell people what we do. We're a pair of best friends without any prior knowledge of the textile industry. We simply couldn't find what we wanted - super soft, great-looking bedsheets that are ethically made, at a price we could afford. So we decided to create it. We built SOJAO from the ground up, and it took us years of learning, searching, designing and tweaking before we launched in January 2018.

Our belief is in providing organic, ethically-made goods that feel and look great, at accessible prices, so that more people are able to enjoy these awesome products knowing that they're supporting fair-trade and environmentally-friendly practices.

- Priscilla & Janice, Co-Founders of SOJAO

Here's our mission: Organic Luxury Bedding For Everyone.

The name SOJAO, means ‘go to sleep’ in Hindi. We want the best possible night's rest, not only for our customers, but also for our entire supply chain - right down to the cotton farmers and their families. At the heart of it all, we want to humbly do our part to close the global inequality gap that exists. And for us, it starts with a simple daily ritual: Sleep.

We spend a third of our lives asleep. Let’s not only get better rest. Let’s make it count for something more.

Fairness to You
We refuse to mark up our products. Our organic bed sheets are premium quality but our prices aren’t. We also only sell online directly to you, eliminating the costs of the middleman and retail space.


Fairness to the Makers

We believe strongly in fair wages and safe working environments, so we only work with GOTS-certified factories. There isn’t any exploitative labor involved in making our organic bed sheets. By supporting fair-trade practices, we support the social and economic rights of the entire supply chain, including the farmers and artisans that are behind each product. 

We care about the people behind our products and we hope you do too! 

Fairness to the Environment
Our organic bed sheets are GOTS-certified. Regular cotton is one of the most pesticide-intensive crops in the world today. Organic cotton crops are grown without harmful chemicals and as a result, don’t poison the water, soil or air. It takes more effort and time and costs a bit more. But we know it’s worth it.

Great looking, long lasting, super comfy organic bed sheets at a price that is fair to you, to the people who made it and to our environment.

We stand for better sleep.

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