Bolster Cases

An essential component in Singaporean and Asian bedrooms, we offer organic cotton bolster cases tailored for standard adult-sized round bolsters, ensuring endless comfort and coziness.


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What is a Bolster Case?

A bolster case is a protective fabric used to encase a bolster, featuring a ribbon tie closure on both ends to keep it snugly fitted. They are designed to protect bolsters from dust, dirt, and stains while adding a touch of comfort and style to your bedding. Plus, they are easily removable and machine washable, making them a practical and comfortable addition to your bedding!

Finding the Right Bolster

A bolster, which is a long pillow, is used to provide back or arm support during sleep. When choosing the right bolster, consider factors such as its material, firmness, and size.

What is a Bolster Good For?

Hugging a bolster during sleep is perfect for bracing your back and lower body with firm support. They are ideal for aligning your spine and reducing discomfort.

All for a Good Night's Sleep

At SOJAO, we offer bolster cases made of organic cotton to ensure you have a better night's rest. Our bolster cases are designed to fit bolsters measuring 38 cm x 106 cm.