From Renting to Owning A Forever Home

From Renting to Owning A Forever Home
Sarah & Grace
With their treasured mid-century modern finds in every corner, Sarah and Grace have adoringly built their home with very little concealed storage because they don't want to forget what they have. It's a sentiment that not only prevents hoarding but poetically reflects their gratitude as young homeowners. In a city where affordable housing remains challenging for queer individuals, we celebrate their space, where every detail tells a story and radiates the warmth of their affection.
Sarah: "I work in tech, and at home, I'm the procurer of goods and services, as well as the conceptualizer (while Grace is the actualizer)."
Grace:"I work with data, and I'm the painter, artist, and handy person at home.
Sarah & Grace Nugget Home with Dogs
Picture frame with photo on bookshelf
S: If we had to name the aesthetics of our home, I’d suggest Small Things. It's a collection of things we love, for the life we love. We’ve lived together in various apartments for seven years, and for quite a bit of that time, we couldn’t afford the things we wanted. Now that we have a permanent spot, we only buy things we love. If we both immediately love it, we go for it. It’s how we bought this apartment actually.

G: I wanted the home to feel like a hug. All I asked for was an open kitchen, a round table, some green tiles, and plenty of rugs."

Arya - Sarah and Grace's dog

S: My mantra is, the way you do small things is the way you do all things. The small things really, really matter. So there are small lamps everywhere.

Shot of Nugget Home Living Room Stainless Steel Lamp
Nugget Home Silver Lamp and Plant
Nugget Home Dining Table and Lamp
Flos Lamp and Samsung Frame Television
G: “Sarah is always moving things around. When it comes to revamping a corner of the house, all concepts seem to come to her at 3am when I’m sleeping, and I’ll wake up to a flurry of messages and links.”
S: “I used to have to discuss it with Grace ASAP because the idea might slip away. Now I’ve learnt to make notes. We usually shop at Finnish Design Shop, Studio Yono, Aa Furniture, Carousell, Ebay, Etsy. Oh, big fan of Tanchen Studio right now. And we actually pop by SOJAO’s Home Goods Store at Joo Chiat quite often too.”
G: “We’ve also learnt that we can’t be precious about stuff. Because of Arya, there’ll be fur everywhere, some drool, little scratches on things. Regular dog stuff.”
Living Room Stool and Carpet
Sarah Playing with Arya
G: My favourite nook in our home is the reading spot Sarah created for me. It’s the corner where everything else melts away.
S: To create that spot, we replaced a huge (and super heavy) full length mirror and a standing desk with a Vitsoe setup and tub chair.”
Nugget Home Bedroom with Tub Chair
Sarah and Grace with Arya Bedroom
 G: “Sleep is most restful when my day is mentally and physically fulfilling (but not draining) and I actively feel like going to bed.”
S: “Going to bed has to be a super inviting experience for me. Everything has to be right in terms of visuals, tactility, and temperature. I also need it to be cool all night. SOJAO sheets are amazing and we’ve been having fantastic sleeps.”
Nugget Home Bedroom SOJAO Crisp Bedsheets
Bedroom with Olive and Mustard Bedsheets
Painting in bedroom with Olive and Mustard Bedsheets
S: “The meaning of ‘Home’ has changed over time for me. When we were renting, Home was to be some form of permanence and security. My bar’s a little higher now. I love being home so much it’s been difficult for me to leave the house.
Grace and Sarah Bed on SOJAO Crisp Olive and Mustard Bedsheets
G: “Right now, ‘Home’ is about safety- safety for both of us (and the dog) to unfold and explore ourselves, and I don’t think either of us take this lightly. Sometimes I think we’re very lucky to have this home, and it shouldn’t be about luck. Queer people struggle with housing everywhere, and it’s particularly apparent here where access to housing is so tied up with a particular sort of familyhood.”
S: Sometimes I wish I could open our home to our wider community, but I don’t know how implementing that looks like.
Sarah and Grace mid-century modern living room mid century
Half Curve Mirror with Picture Frame
Open Shelf Living Room

S: Viscerally, home is a sigh of relief and a breath of contentment as I step through the door.

G: “Something about the space makes me want to do better, not in an eternal upgrading way, but it makes me slow down and be intentional about the kind of life I want us to live. It has helped me to be more discerning about what I invite into my life and our everyday practices.”

Arya lying on sofa
Sarah and Grace playing with dogs
S: “For the year ahead, I promised to halt the lamp procuring for a bit. We’re hoping to do a lot more DIY this year, we’re thinking about building a shoe castle for example!”
G: “I’m always excited about Sarah’s next idea. Even if it comes at 3am.”
Sarah and Grace from Nugget Home

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