Scandinavian Minimalism Done Right

Scandinavian Minimalism Done Right
Tricia & Eason

Designers Tricia and Eason have hit the sweet spot of ‘Hygge’ and minimalism with their impressive home. Through dual-purpose furnishings, such as cleverly using their living room blinds as a projector screen instead of having a television, they have managed to keep certain areas sparse in their large five-room flat, leaving space for future possibilities whilst also allowing it to look much airier and bigger.

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“We met in design school and are still practising design in different fields. My husband Eason is an Industrial Designer while I work in Marketing.”

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“We are very much drawn to the aesthetics of Danish brands like Muuto, Hay, and Menu, so a lot of our mood board images came from them. I think we identify more with a minimalistic approach though, as we don’t have any elements in our house that stand out too much. We make use of different textures like wood, lime-wash and the occasional pops of colour to bring some character to our home.”

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“Our home has a minimalist backdrop with some cute items here and there, which is similar to us in that we hate clutter but sometimes can’t resist items that excite us.”  

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“Personally as an egg-fanatic, I get very excited with egg-related items so you’ll see that around the house. Eason is a bit more unpredictable. He wanted a huge Buzz Lightyear figurine, but settled for a small soft toy instead.”

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“We started our renovation during the pandemic so having a dedicated study room was quite important to us. We also like that we can fully separate work from play. The rest of the house is strictly for rest and relaxation.”

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“We usually make sure that everything we buy for the house is quite cohesive in colours and overall vibes. We don’t have a lot of furniture in the house and enjoy the fluidity it gives. For large furniture, we might even photoshop it into the space to visualise it first before purchasing. Our largest item is our dining set from Soul & Tables, which we adore and have gotten many compliments about!”

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“We only purchase items for the house when both of us can agree to them, and have imagined them fitting well into a particular space. If there’s no room for it, we won’t buy it. Each item has to have a purpose, whether it’s to add a pop of colour, decorate an empty space or for functional reasons. We splurged on our pair of pendant lamps from Muuto, that we purchased from Grafunkt for example.”

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“I wish I could re-buy my entire bedsheet collection so that everything would be from SOJAO. My previous purchase of French flax linen brought us quite a bit of annoyance because the lint got everywhere.”

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“SOJAO’s Crisp sheets are so smooth and quite cooling to the touch, really nice to snuggle in with just our ceiling fan turned on. And the light rustling of the sheets feel very luxurious, it really reminds us of sleeping in high end hotels! Eason usually wakes up pretty early but he has been sleeping in longer than usual with these.”

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“The first thing Eason does when he wakes up is to water all of our house plants. We never thought that we would have so many plants but I think many homeowners would agree it’s really quite addictive.”

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“Our favourite spot is probably the centre of our home where we have our kitchen island and dining table."

"We spend a lot of time here, preparing our meals and then enjoying them. It also has a clear view of our projector screen so we can watch shows while eating our dinner or even washing dishes. Really glad that we shifted the kitchen sink to the middle and that this layout is working so well for us.” 

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“We have a set of amber vessels that are always on our dining table, and it’s inspired by a trip to Finland four years ago. We stayed in an airbnb that had a setup like this, and we immediately went to hunt for similar items in a vintage shop. It was really fun digging for these treasures and then finally being able to display them as we envisioned.”

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“Home is where we can truly be ourselves and build our perfect living environment."

"We’ve definitely had to learn to adapt to each other’s habits. I’m more aware of putting things back where they belong, as Eason prefers, while he pays much more attention to cleanliness around the house.”

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“We’re looking forward to our honeymoon in April! We got married just before the pandemic hit Singapore, so it’s been more than 2 years of wait. We love being in nature and can’t wait to smell fresh mountain air again.” 

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Tricia & Eason’s bed is dressed in a Crisp Mix & Match Bundle comprising a Crisp White Fitted Sheet, Crisp Mustard Duvet Cover and Crisp Clay Pillowcase Pair, finished with an additional Crisp Mustard Pillowcase Pair.

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