Lydia Yang

Singapore graphic designer and illustrator oak and bindi Lydia Yang She Hustles

Known by her moniker Oak & Bindi, Lydia's illustrations and larger-than-life murals are widely recognisable in the local creative scene, having worked for the likes of Lululemon, Esquire and Apple. She gives us an insider’s peek at Neighborher retail store, and tour of her creative and recharging spaces to understand what fuels her artistically.

singapore graphic designer and illustrator oak and bindi Lydia Yang

“I am a freelance illustration & graphics designer and have been for about 8 years now. I work with brands and collaborators to create visuals like illustrated typography and imagery.”

Tell Your Children creative studio in Tanjong Katong, Singapore

“Aside from freelance projects, I am also one of four co-founders at creative studio, Tell Your Children (TYC). At TYC, I lead most of our in-house creative projects, including the TYC brand and the retail store. Together with our designers, I brainstorm marketing content and campaigns surrounding merchandise/collaboration launches, as well as the execution of commercial art and design projects.”

neighborinyourhood retail store and studio in Tanjong Katong Singapore

“Managing a studio and its projects keep me busy on a daily basis but I do get the liberty to balance my time (and sometimes sanity) with my own personal creative pursuits - one of which is a side project/label called Die Hard Lover.”

Singapore designer and illustrator Lydia Yang in creative retail store neighbor

“I started Die Hard Lover (DHL) back in 2016 as a vessel for a different set of ideas I had back then. I wanted DHL to be visually progressive - which is something I find to be important to my artistic expression and the integrity of my creative output.”

“My mantra for creating has always been to create as authentically as possible.”

Tell Your Children retail store in Tanjong Katong selling designer products

“I found out that the course of action to get there would be to tap on my feelings and inner psyche to help me identify and picture some of the things I was going through, and why I was going through it.”

“DHL would eventually become a platform through which I could express and articulate my inner thoughts and feelings (like a cathartic outlet), and would hopefully help others identify and relate with too.”

Singaporean designer Lydia in Tell Your Children studio

When I create art, social media is usually the biggest platform where my work is presented. I have definitely felt burnt out from my work commitments, demands of day-to-day life, as well as life in the digital space.”

Tell Your Children Creative Studio for art murals and designer retail products

“It's funny because it isn't the coping of the burn out that needs the de-stress or care, but for me it’s more of the aftermath of taking a break, the post-being quiet, the being okay with not sharing at least five Instagram stories a day (or something like that) that needs getting used to.”

“That requires lots of patience, and self-care.”

SOJAO Organic cotton Crisp Percale bedding in Lilac and White

“On a good day, my morning routine usually begins around 9am - I quickly check in on the weather and it usually sets my mood for my day. I scroll through my phone for a quick 5-10 minutes and then I am up proper to make the bed. Before I get ready for the day, I open up the curtains and windows to my room to let the light and air in for my plants!”

Plona Chair, designed by Giancarlo Piretti for Anonima Castelli

Lydia’s bed is dressed in a Crisp Mix & Match Bundle Set of a Crisp Fitted Sheet in White, Crisp Duvet Cover in Lilac, and one each of a Crisp Pillow Case Pair in Lilac and White. 

“My go-to practices for self-care usually involve a lot of spending time on low-impact activities, like being around nature, or taking a day or two off from working. Enjoying a good coffee, trying out new food spots, and spending quality time with friends help me recalibrate.”

“Balance is like the seasons, or night and day - there is a time for everything!”

Designer bedroom in Singapore

“I recently found out that my new favourite activity is reading a book during my 45-minute bus ride to my studio. It helps me feel grounded.”

I love and always try to support friends and brands in the same/similar industry or circle. This cup is a creation by local artist Gellyvieve, that was one of the few pieces that didn't get swiped up at her exhibition!

Ceramic cup by Singapore artist Gellyvieve

“I think it's great to buy and support brands and businesses based locally and I try to do so as much as I can. Otherwise I do like to indulge in home-decor products like prints and ceramics from independent brands & creators from around the world – like this silk-screened piece by KJ Plumb who is a prolific, trained print-maker and designer from Stockholm."

Wall print by KJ Plumb hanging in bedroom

“My favourite object in my room has to be my mid-century Plona Chair, designed by Giancarlo Piretti for Anonima Castelli.”

Plona Chair, designed by Giancarlo Piretti for Anonima Castelli in Singapore designer's bedroom

Lydia pairs TYC’s Kind Thoughts Tee with our sold out Benjamin Barker x SOJAO Elevated Loungewear Women’s Shorts in Natural.

“I’m a sucker for mid-century furniture pieces (particularly in the chair department) since my early days of finding out about Marcel Breuer in 2018. The Plona was going at a good price compared to the rest of the market so I had to cop it! It has got to be my biggest overseas shipment/purchase so far. Another one of my favourite places to shop quality secondhand includes Aa Furniture which is a great store to hit up for curated vintage pieces sourced from Japan!”

Philodendron Plant shelf with grow lights in bedroom set up

“I amassed a ton of plants during my time living alone. They’re now scattered throughout the house since I moved back. I also tend to look out for collectable items like this limited edition Stüssy pot when the chance comes by.”

Stüssy pot with calathea

“Thumper is my first real pet and he's made life a lot cuter and livelier since we got him. Thumper has been through some significant phases of life with me, and has been a wonderful fuzzy companion for the most part. He is the sweetest and chillest bunny to be around if you are patient and gentle with him.”

SOJAO lilac bedsheets in Crisp Organic Cotton

I am a cold sleeper! I need to stay cosy. I have pretty much only ever tried regular cotton sheets so my SOJAO sheets were a major upgrade and I guess you could call them my adulting sheets hahaha.

“I love SOJAO and everything they do! I'm not just a fan of the sheets but the entire brand!” 

Singapore Designer and Illustrator Oak and Bindi, Lydia Yang, co-founder of Tell Your Children Studio

The idea of a home has been highlighted and talked about a lot in the past year. As much as I too hope to have a space to call my own in the near future, I've been channelling that energy into places like neighbor - which have been as fulfilling to me.” 

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