Preeti Nair

Preeti Nair

Adopting the moniker, Preetipls, Preeti champions social change and political reform with a unique brand of humour. She’s gregarious with an uninhibited online alter-ego, but in real life, the self-proclaimed introvert is soft spoken, mild and polite. She lets us in on her creative process and welcomes us into her safe space; her new home shared with her mother, brother - musician and activist, Subhas as well as their rescued mongrel, Maxi. Preeti playing with her dog Maxi

“I create content and merchandise full-time under my moniker Preetipls, which started in 2016 with my ‘Fashion Polis’ parody."

I realised how powerful humour is as a tool to start much-needed conversations online about important topics such as race and minority representation in local media.”

Sojao's Cushion covers and knit on Preeti's sofaOn Preeti’s sofa are our Minimal Knit Cushion Covers in Ivory and Mustard, along with a Cable Knit Throw in Navy.

“I always say Preetipls is an extremely exaggerated and delusional version of myself.  I’ve had a lot of fun with it over the years. It’s weird to say out loud but I am a solid introvert, even though no one believes this because the content I create begs to differ.”

“Considering a lot of my content includes social commentary, I don’t have to look very far for inspiration. I tend to come up with the most random ideas when I least expect - so it’s a lot of scrambling to write them down or texting these ideas and thinking out loud in several group chats so I can get my friends’ opinions too.”

Preeti working from home

“I’m no national Olympian but I typically begin every day with a cup of milo. Since I work from home, my work day then starts with me making a to-do list (which usually gets out of hand) and taking it one task at a time.”

“I get burnt out a lot and have been trying to approach each task at hand without getting distracted by everything else on the back burner. I am more conscious about reminding myself to take a step back from the chaos and breathe (I sometimes literally forget to).” 

Preeti unwinding with her vinyl player

“It’s definitely a journey, figuring out how to better manage my schedule, time and most importantly, my sanity. Some things that have helped include setting boundaries (crucial for freelancers that work irregular hours) and ensuring there is a healthy work-life balance.”

Preeti organising her merchandise

“Maybe it’s the Virgo in me but I find joy and calm when I am able to organise or declutter. Every couple of months, I reorganise my bedroom and get a wild sense of accomplishment when I come up with a better system for my wardrobe or vanity. I also find getting ready/putting on makeup a very therapeutic process so I absolutely love my walk-in wardrobe where my vanity area is."

"After shifting houses so much throughout my life, it means the world to have a space I am able to customise and call my own."

Pretti's bed in Sojao's Classic Mix & Match Bundle Set and C;assic Bolster Case
Preeti’s bed is dressed in a Classic Mix & Match Bundle Set comprising a Classic Fitted Sheet in White with a Classic Pillow Case Pair and Classic Duvet Cover in Navy, finished off with an extra Classic Bolster Case in Navy.

“I am a hot sleeper and really dislike waking up in my own perspiration. I love my SOJAO sheets, super soft and comfy plus they look amazing. When making choices for the home, I enjoy supporting local brands that do good work and make quality products.”

Preeti's toy collection

“I have a TV wall area in my room with little shelves that hold the many random trinkets I have collected over the years that bring me joy. I like to joke about how it is a shrine because I have so many little Shrek figurines (one of my favourite films) as well as a custom made figurine of my first pet dog, Mini, who passed away in 2018, along with her favourite toy.”

Preeti's custom made figurine of her first pet dog

“Creating content online can definitely be daunting considering the social stigma and public scrutiny that comes with the job. But I say life is too short to not be your authentic self. Speak your truth, live your best life and have as much fun as you possible can. If you aren’t saying or doing anything that causes anyone else harm, I vote-go for it!”

Preeti with her mother and dog

“I am really looking forward to releasing content and sharing the amazing resources we gathered throughout this home transformation process with the help of friends, brands and clients. I also cannot wait to rebrand and restart my podcast. I took quite a long hiatus from it which began at the end of 2021 and I think it’s time it made a comeback! Stay tuned!“

Preeti and her dog looking out of their window


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