A New Chapter Of SOJAO Shop Begins

A New Chapter Of SOJAO Shop Begins
Pris & Jan
Our flagship store at Joo Chiat is officially open. (cue confetti) It’s a space to call our own, to welcome our community and connect with those who share a kinship and appreciation for quality linens and goods for our homes. We aren’t ones to get sappy but we thought this was a good opportunity to look back on our journey to where we are now and take stock. This wouldn't have happened without the love and support of our customers and our team. Thank you for making all this a reality, it’s a sort of gratitude that words cannot carry but we hope our appreciation still reaches you.
SOJAO Organic Cotton Joo Chiat Road Retail Shop
  “It's hard to imagine that SOJAO started from our bedrooms four years ago, so we’re really proud to have reached this milestone! With every year we’re growing our team and doubling our space, and it feels great to grow the brand sustainably.”
SOJAO Retail Joo Chiat Road Organic Cotton Home Ware
“We were just looking back at some photos the other day and it reminded us of how far we’ve come from packing orders in Pris’s bedroom and the first day we moved into our studio at 44 Kallang Place.

It's bittersweet at the same time thinking of how we transformed that empty space into our home, and now we're leaving that.”SOJAO Joo Chiat Road Retail Space Organic Cotton Home Ware

"Without a doubt, Joo Chiat is one of our favourite neighbourhoods in the East. We both also have a Peranakan heritage and we felt a close kinship with the Peranakan vibes in the area, especially seen in the shophouse buildings.

SOJAO Joo Chiat Road Retail Shop Organic Cotton“By setting up shop in a rich heritage location such as Joo Chiat, and by offering quality products that you can’t easily find elsewhere, we are committing ourselves to our roots as a local brand obsessed with only the best for any home.”

SOJAO Organic Cotton Retail Shop Joo Chiat Home Ware“We wanted the store raw, natural and organic looking, much like our products! So we used plenty of stained plywood, cement, lime-wash, wood tiles, glass, and terracotta.”

SOJAO Joo Chiat Road Retail Space Home Ware Organic Cotton“Our dear friend Jowie from Uchi helped to put it together, and she did a great job with the tight timeline we had, amidst all the ever-changing Covid climate.” 

SOJAO Retail Space Joo Chiat Road Organic CottonSOJAO Home Goods Store during renovation works.

SOJAO Organic Cotton Retail Shop Joo Chiat Road

“Jan's favourite is the front part where we lime-washed the wall ourselves, to make our white neon 'Hustle Hard Sleep Easy' sign pop. Every brush stroke can be seen in the texture, and it turned out beautifully!”

SOJAO Organic Cotton Retail Shop Joo Chiat Road Home Ware

“Pris's favourite is the cotton mural wall at the back of the store, which our lovely creative team designed and painted themselves! We're so lucky to have such a talented and dedicated bunch of crew with us.”

SOJAO Organic Cotton Joo Chiat Road Home Ware

“Quality is always our top priority for SOJAO.”

“We chose to stock the store with Japanese brands such as Jicon and Kimura, who are known for their excellent and beautiful quality of porcelain and lead-free crystalware. Kimura is the original designer of the beautiful Old-fashioned Crumple glass, which we are carrying in-store.”

SOJAO Organic Cotton Retail Shop Home Ware

“We’re also stocking smaller local brands such as Carrom, Remindsmeof, Hush Candle, Loom&Stone, Soapnut Republic and Stateofmatters to support our homegrown community of brands that are making awesome products as well. We still see ourselves as a startup, and we felt a kinship with these brand-owners. We also made sure to have something for everyone, regardless of their budget!”

SOJAO Organic Cotton Retail Shop Home Ware

“We are super excited to meet everyone in person again! We've missed getting to know everyone and meeting our customers in person.”

SOJAO Joo Chiat Road Retail Shop Organic Cotton

“It takes a village to build something this special, and we're really lucky to have the people around us to help.”

SOJAO Retail Shop Organic Cotton Home Ware“We want to continue helping everyone to make meaningful choices for their everyday needs. SOJAO has also always focused on the makers behind the products, and I think that helps people to appreciate who they're supporting with their purchase.

“We want to help other local brands grow as well, and showcase the amazing entrepreneurial spirit and hard work of these start-ups.”

SOJAO Organic Cotton Home Ware Joo Chiat Road Retail Shop

“We're definitely looking forward to the situation improving and getting all these restrictions on social gatherings being lifted, and being able to gather with our friends. We're also looking forward to travelling freely and sourcing for more unique offerings to bring to our Home Goods Store!”

SOJAO Organic Cotton Joo Chiat Road Retail Shop

Our Home Goods Store will be open daily from 10am - 7pm at 251 Joo Chiat Road.

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