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Bringing Moroccan Travels Back Home

Huiqi & Siddiq
Walk up a narrow stairway tucked along the bustling heritage enclave of Joo Chiat and you will find Huiqi and Siddiq’s tranquil Moroccan-inspired abode, overlooking the eclectic mix of coffee joints across the street. Their artfully furnished home is a quiet respite from the hubbub of cafe hoppers downstairs.
SOJAO Organic Bed Sheets Moroccan Inspired Interior
Marketing and trading professionals Huiqi and Siddiq are the power couple behind Kult Maison, a custom furniture outfit. Their home was inspired by a stay at traditional villa Riad 42 in Marrakech, Morocco as well as the occasional trips to tropical Bali. 
S: "Huiqi and I got married and moved into the place earlier this year. It has been amazing living together so far. The cleaning part though has been challenging haha! We’re learning to be neat.”
SOJAO Organic Cotton Moroccan Inspired Interior
HQ: We are both easy going and spontaneous in nature, which is reflected by the open concept of our home where we have broken down all walls. We tried to achieve a casual and welcoming atmosphere.”

“We like clear open spaces and the freedom to move modular items around, like the statement furniture pieces we curate.”

SOJAO Organic Cotton Moroccan Inspired Interior

S: “We enjoy collecting furniture from around the globe. We love our carpet from Morocco, our wall sconces from France, wooden furniture from craftsmen in Indonesia and our sofa is proudly made right here in Singapore. It is a great mix of influences. We also hand-painted some of the artworks that we pepper in the corners of our home.

HQ: “I attended pottery classes at Mud Rock Ceramics and all of our wares are also from them. I love the handmade nature of the pieces.”

SOJAO Organic Cotton Moroccan Inspired Interior

HQ: “For the floor and ceilings, we used micro-cement to achieve the unrefined, raw plaster effect that is characteristic of so many accommodations we saw in Morocco. To soften up the place, we added hints of rattan and added curves with the living room’s archway and niches in the walls.” 

SOJAO Organic Cotton Moroccan Inspired Interior

S: “I start work early at 7am so I’m awake by 6am everyday. On weekends we tend to sleep in. Everyday is different, we try to find schedules that work for the both of us.”

SOJAO Organic Bedding Moroccan Inspired InteriorHuiqi and Siddiq’s bed is dressed in a Classic Mix and Match Bundle Set with a Classic Autumn Fitted Sheet, Classic White Pillowcase Pair and Classic Natural Duvet Cover finished with an extra Classic Autumn Body Pillow Case and Classic Natural Pillowcase Pair

“Our SOJAO bedsheets are incredibly soft, cooling and comfortable. I think we had some of our best sleeps in them.”

SOJAO Organic Bedding Moroccan Inspired Interior

HQ: “I start my day at about 9am daily. I enjoy going down to one of the many cafes nearby to get coffee and breakfast.”

“There are so many cafes to try, it is quite an adventure to start the day with.”

SOJAO Organic Bedding Moroccan Inspired Interior

HQ: “I work from home and usually do so at our dining area. We got the dining table, made from Italian travertine, carved locally. The sitting in this nook was also shaped by hand in order to achieve nice organic curves and soften where the edges of seats would normally be. Besides being an aesthetic consideration - it softens the overall look of our home. It also makes for very comfortable lounging!”

SOJAO Organic Bedding Moroccan Inspired Interior

S: “It’s difficult to pick a favourite nook in our home because we love every part of it equally!”

“A lot of thought went into ensuring it’d be a comfortable and restful space to return to.” 

SOJAO Organic Cotton Bedding Moroccan Inspired Interior

“We kept the house minimal and clean so there is plenty of breathing space to decompress. Whatever we decided on had to fit the overall aesthetics of our home.”

SOJAO Organic Cotton Bedding Moroccan Inspired Interior

“It’s important to us that our home be a place where we can unwind in absolute comfort with the people who matter the most.”

SOJAO Organic Cotton Moroccan Inspired Interior