A Visual Treat of A Family Home

phiemong house to home journal cover
Sophie Mong

Sophie and Travis recently laid down roots in a flat just adjacent to the luscious greenery of East Coast. Bi-fold windows mean unobstructed views whilst crisp sea breeze fills their home every hour of the day. The couple settled for minimal built-ins and loose furniture to accommodate their growing family – welcoming their newborn son Liam shortly after. 

Sophie and Travis with her son Liam

“By day, I work in a market intelligence agency. By night and on weekends, I’m creating paintings and content for Instagram. I’m also a new mom!”

Sophie practicing her art

“I used to practise art when I was younger and it’s remained a comforting hobby for me in my free time.”

“The painting hanging on the dining wall carries a special significance. It was the first painting I did after becoming a mother and it made me feel liberated on this whole new motherhood journey. It was only later when we hung it up, that I realised it also beautifully enhances the warmth of our home.”

Sophie's paintings

“I'm a nester so home is everything to me. Home is about taking you off the streetscape and into your own escape. I like to focus on evoking a feeling, rather than creating a perfect space.”

“The idea behind our home was to create a serene and calm space. We wanted a big main living and dining area to hang out together as well as lots of space to breathe and slow down.”

SOJAO's Checkered Rib Cushion Cover on Sophie's sofaSophie’s sofa features our Checkered Rib Cushion Cover in Stone.

“We also went with less built-ins for this home and more loose furniture we truly love. We decided that we can always add new pieces over time.”

“Because our home will constantly evolve, grow and change as we go through different seasons.”

Sophie and her family

“I think lockdown heightened everyone's appreciation of space in a way that we never felt before.”

“Now we can’t do without our own personal spaces, and since we’re parents, it's also important for us that Liam has his own space to play and grow in.”

Liam playing with his toys

“Liam just turned one and there’s no stopping our curious, adventurous and hilarious boy. He’s always on the go, and keeps us on our toes.”

Sophie and Travis playing with their son Liam

“Speaking of personal spaces, my favourite spot in the home has to be the bathroom! It is my sanctuary, my oasis of peace. It has all my favourite things in it (mostly beauty stuff), haha!”

Sophie's bathroom space

“Rome wasn’t built in a day so when making choices for the home I make sure not to rush it. I want to amass what moves me and let the home gradually take shape over time to reflect our changing tastes as well.”

Sophie's kitchen space

“I gravitate towards unique, handmade or antique items when shopping for the home. I also enjoy shopping locally from independent designers and makers. I pick up treasures along the way and trust that they will find their place around the house.”

Sophie's collection of handmade and antique items

“I’m not really a morning person, rather a more ‘get-on-with-it’ person. So no real morning rituals except a cup of coffee or tea depending on my mood before I proceed to get on with my day.”

Sophie's bedroom spacce

“Moving into our own space has helped me realise my likes and dislikes. We’re hot sleepers and have tried all sorts of bedsheet materials. We totally love SOJAO’s colourful array of sheets. It brings a rich and luscious aesthetic that livens up our neutral bedroom.”

Sophie's bed in SOJAO's Crisp Mix & Match Bundle Set, a Classic Flat sheet and a Classic Pillow case Pair
Sophie's bed is dressed in a Crisp Mix & Match Bundle Set with a Crisp Fitted Sheet in White paired with our Crisp Pillow Case Pair and Crisp Duvet Cover in Olive. An additional Classic Flat Sheet in Blush and Classic Pillow Case Pair in White are featured.

“It has also made me more aware of the ability to make my own choices as well as the need to be wholly responsible for them. For example, I’ve started going outdoors for more walks since the park is just across the street and I no longer have an excuse not to.”

Sophie's living room space

“Our home is a place where I can explore ways to satisfy both my insatiable visual appetite, and our family as it grows. I’m really excited to watch Liam grow up and I’m curious to see how his personality (and mischief) grows.”

Sophie and Travis with their son Liam

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