Concrete Jungle

Concrete Jungle
Pat Law

A ubiquitous influence felt by anyone in both the creative and LGBTQ scene, Pat Law bought her gorgeous home after attending a bank auction during lunch for distressed properties. Having connected over quality bedsheets (our organic cotton quilts are the best thing since sliced bread, she says), we spent an afternoon with Pat, her fiancée Claudia and their cat Mao, taking a peek into her Tadao Ando-inspired home, as well as their GOODSTUPH office.Pat law with her fiancée Claudia and their cat Mao“I am the Chief Everything Officer of GOODSTUPH, a 120-human creative agency headquartered in Singapore with offices in both Bangkok and Jakarta and I write on @chiefeverything.officer when I’m in the mood. My fiancée Claudia, who is my lawyer, will humorously take up the role of Chief Home Affairs Officer, when we are married later this year.”

Pat and Claudia by the couchPat and Claudia wear our Elevated Loungewear Women’s Set in Cloud and Blush.

“It sounds like the least lesbian thing to do, but Claudia and I actually don't live together at the moment. We do of course hang out at each other's homes often enough but we have a very first world problem of loving our own hoods (sorry, East side best side).”  
Claudia and Pat having a conversation
“I lucked out in having a superb interior designer for a friend, Abigael Tay, founder of Obllique. I have always been a silent appreciator of Tadao Ando’s masterpieces but at the same time, I wanted to punctuate the coldness with light wood. It’s a home after all.”
Iconic frames in Pat's room
“Honestly, I would have opted for hinoki wood for all my finishings but it’d cost me a liver. I love my bedroom the most but it’s unfortunately the same place I spend the least amount of time in. I don’t sleep enough.”

Pat's bed covered in SOJAO sheets
Pat's bed is dressed in a Pinstripes Fitted Sheet along with Classic Pillow Case Pairs in Stone and Forest as well as an Organic Cotton Quilt in Forest.

“I’m hot and not in a Gal Gadot way. My body heats up fast and it’s not uncommon for me to wake up in the middle of the night sweating. For why I’m also a blanket hogger is beyond me – my fiancée is often left cold and freezing. I used to use 100% bamboo sheets because I love the silkiness and how cooling it is. You can imagine my surprise when I first discovered SOJAO’s classic sheets. I didn’t realise how buttery smooth cotton could feel and I’ve been a fan ever since.”

“Also, I digress but your new organic cotton quilts are the best thing since sliced bread.”

Close ups of Pat's bed

“After hitting the snooze button some 100 times, I normally wake up to a cup of piping hot black coffee without sugar (like my mood, I like my coffee bitter) and a copy of The Straits Times. Yes, the physical newspaper.”
Pat reading the morning's newspaper

“I sound like an old woman with her Passion card but old habits die hard. I’ve been drinking coffee and reading the newspapers since I was nine. I then do this boomer-millennial thing where I’d read the news, and provide my commentary on Instagram Stories.”

“I started doing it one day when I caught myself consuming headlines, but not quite using my brain. I felt that I was just consuming news without thought. So I started commenting on news that I thought required further thinking, while warming the brain up for work.”

Pat doing her newspaper commentary

“My home is in somewhat of a ‘natural mess’ with the overwhelming amount of plants I have right now. I started collecting exotic plants at the start of the pandemic because I’m such a cliché, and as it turns out, gardening is rather therapeutic. I spend my weekends tending to them, propping new plants, experimenting with new plant food.”

Pats plants

“I always think about synergy when I’m picking out pieces to fill a space; does this item fit with the rest of the gang?”
Pat's accessories

“I think of the focal point too; what is the first thing the eye should see? I also have a weakness for vintage pieces because each piece comes with so much history.”

Pat's collection of vintage pieces

“My vintage pieces come from all over the world. I actually have an import license because I was shipping so much furniture into Singapore from various flea markets across the world. Haha. I’ve calmed down quite a bit. At this point, most of them don’t fit my current home so I have them stored in a warehouse as well as my office.”

Goodstuph office

“Wes Anderson but make it GOODSTUPH, was my brief to Abigael for my office. We used to share the same office so she knows my taste better than anyone else. There’s a lot of juxtapositions, from colour blocking with dark green and pastel pink, to vintage furniture against white standing tables. We also named our meeting rooms by the earliest Chinese clans in Singapore."

Goodstuph's pantry

“In my line of work, there is no typical day really. One moment I could be out in the blistering heat overseeing a shoot, another moment I could be reviewing a scope-of-work contract, looking at our sales pipeline, or in Lisbon for a conference discussing LGBTQ+ rights. I’m not complaining. I love the energy that comes along with my work.”

“I like getting my hands dirty, and going ‘out there’ before I ideate. I once worked as a Tiger Beer girl for a night because Tiger Beer was my client. I wanted front row seats to watch my client’s customers.”

Close ups of Goodstuph office

“I have a stool with the British Bullseye, that was gifted to me when I was a tender age of 21 by my former Creative Group Head. You see, I entered the workforce at a tender age of 20, and it was a time when workplace bullying was not even a term invented yet. I met him for the first time in a meeting and he pulled this stool over, instructing me to sit on it so that he can look down on me when I spoke. When he left the company, he left the stool with me.”

“I kept it right next to my desk in the office to remind myself to never ever treat anyone that way.”

Bullseye stool

“My advice for anyone out there who may be starting to explore their creative side or young creatives thinking of joining the advertising industry?”

“Guts, Grit, and Grace. You need all of them on top of talent to achieve Glory.”

Pat and Claudia in Goodstuph's ballpit

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