Drawing Close To Nature

Drawing Close To Nature
Amelia & Jonas

This quiet penthouse, brimming with houseplants and modern bohemian furnishings, is home to tech sales professional Amelia and interior designer Jonas. The pair’s laid-back demeanour is a reflection of the tranquil riverine that’s visible through the floor to ceiling windows. To capitalise on the generous vertical expanse of the unit, the couple dreamed up a mezzanine loft where they enjoy lounging and screening films. 

singapore couple in plant-filled penthouse_Sojao_house_to_home

We’ve lived here for three years. Besides the mezzanine loft which helps us utilise the penthouse ceiling height, we also knocked down the common bedroom walls to open up the living area.” 

penthouse loft with houseplants in singapore_Sojao_house_to_home

“Our favourite nook in the home is the balcony. The serene view was a big part of why we chose this place. It’s made a great home for Jonas’s plants and has helped me develop my meditation habit.”

meditating and relaxing in balcony overlooking river in singapore penthouse__Sojao_house_to_home

Amelia wears our Organic Cotton Women’s Tee and Elevated Loungewear Shorts, both in Navy. Jonas wears our Organic Cotton Loungewear Set in Pebble Tee and Navy Pants.

“With our home, we wanted to incorporate more decor and loose furniture inspired by cosy bohemian villas and natural elements.”

singapore apartment with cafe-styled interior decor dining room__Sojao_house_to_home

“Our interior’s a mix of decor from our travels to places like Bali and Sweden as well as local boutique stores like Island Living and Second Charm. We also have paintings that we did together during an art-jamming session with friends, who have also gifted us homeware that’s now dotted around the apartment.”

bohemian interior design in singapore penthouse with monstera adansonii__Sojao_house_to_home

“We took our time to decorate the place as we didn’t want to make purchases that we would regret later on. We actually took 3-4 months to find our couch!”

bohemian interior design in singapore condo penthouse with breathtaking riverine park view__Sojao_house_to_home

“Jonas did most of the styling and furnishings, it really reflects his calm and zen.”

“It’s an amalgamation of my collection of crystals and toys with his collection of plants.”
wooden shelf displaying rare plants and crystals__Sojao_house_to_home

“I love crystals because they remind me of how beautiful and magical nature really is and in turn a reflection of how life should be!”

“Majority of the ones that I collect are naturally-formed minerals. My favourite piece is actually the Moss Agate Skull. Its a semi-precious gemstone formed from silicon dioxide.”

Moss Agate Skull Crystal displayed in bohemian home overlooking river__Sojao_house_to_home

“One of my favourite decor item is also the accessories holder of all my necklaces. This was something that Jonas & I DIY-ed together. We made it from a random plank of wood from Ikea and a bunch of odd-shaped crystals from a crystal shop, inspired by an image we saw on Pinterest! We even crafted more pieces to gift to some close friends because they loved it too.”

String of hearts and alocasia house plants on ikea gold shelf__Sojao_house_to_home

“My ritual includes coffee and meditation at the balcony in the mornings before I head to work (from home) in the loft, which helps to separate work and home for me.

loft in penthouse condominium singapore__Sojao_house_to_home

Jonas has a plant care ritual on Sundays where he spends an hour or two tending to his plant children, watering them or checking up on cuttings.” 

monstera and bird of paradise house plant care__Sojao_house_to_home

 “We like to support local businesses so we get our plants from places like Little Botany in Punggol, pots from Potto Potto and coffee from Parchmen & Co. We also keep a lookout for unique planters to add interest to our collection, like this terracotta clay skull and the beautiful oriental pot that we had to beg the owner to sell to us.”

caladium in terracotta skull pot and monstera in oriental pearls pot__Sojao_house_to_home

“Our favourite object in the house has to be our very first plant which is this Asparagus Fern. It’s apparently difficult to care for but I guess Jonas has really green fingers.”

asparagus fern growing indoors_Sojao_house_to_home
“Something we picked up recently as a couple is cycling. We cycle at least once a week and it’s been really nice having the riverine park at our doorstep.” 


balcony overlooking riverine park in upper serangoon singapore__Sojao_house_to_home

Throw pillows are dressed with Classic Euro Sham Case Pair in Forest and Cloud. 

“Our SOJAO sheets are incredibly buttery soft and it’s given us the ultimate comfort, we are fascinated by the quality and always looking forward to the next good night's sleep!” 

zz raven in bohemian pot__Sojao_house_to_home

We enjoy winding down at night by taking a warm bath with a hot cup of tea and turning on our pluggable home fragrance wall diffuser to tune down for the night.”

sojao shop forest green and cloud grey organic cotton bedsheets singapore__Sojao_house_to_home

Amelia and Jonas’s bed is dressed in a Classic Mix & Match Bundle Set, with a Classic Cloud Fitted Sheet and Duvet Cover, a Classic Forest Pillowcase Pair and an extra Crisp Mint Pillowcase Pair. 


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