Mid-Century Japandi

Yosephine & FJ

Camera-shy Yosephine and FJ volunteered their adorable dog Haru to be the star of this feature. Starting with a pretty simple formula of white walls, pine sliding doors and cement screed flooring, they’ve been quietly infusing their home with mid-century vibes in their own refined aesthetics. It’s a simple, understated visual harmony that’s carefully curated and warmly sophisticated, a showcase of their artistic eye in their respective professions.


"I'm Yosephine, and I'm currently working in the beauty industry, specifically within the E-commerce department. I also pursue a freelance career as a makeup artist while my husband, FJ, dedicates his time as a wedding photographer.”

“We’re pretty laid-back and we’ve created a relaxed and welcoming home that matches our easygoing personalities. We’ve definitely found a balance for ourselves between keeping our space aesthetically pleasing yet easy to maintain.”

“We really wanted an open-concept layout, seamlessly integrating living, dining, and bedroom spaces to optimize both aesthetics and functionality. We believe in timeless well-crafted pieces, choosing elements that stand the test of time. Our top priority is quality, and we often shop at Grafunkt, W Atelier, Finnish design and Vitsoe.” 

“Additionally, our design sensibilities are influenced by art and culture, and the design ethos of our home draws inspiration primarily from Mid-Century pieces. FJ loves classic and timeless designs like the USM Haller modular shelvings and loves checking vintage sites to pick up collectibles like the Michelin Man figurine.”

“Our burnt orange JBL speakers together with our Togo chairs by Ligne Roset are the centerpieces of our living room. We love SOJAO bed sheets and thankfully they have the sheets in nice, rich color palettes that tie our bedroom perfectly with the rest of our living area.”

“Our cosy and warm-looking kitchen helps to boost our mood in the morning and to kick start our day. Our morning ritual is to walk our dog Haru to a nearby park, and make ourselves a cup of coffee and cook breakfast.”

“We’re real homebodies and it was nice to be able to finally have our own space to shape our lives just the way we envisioned it, for example, starting our own chapter as a family when we got Haru after we moved in.”

“Being new paw-rents, we were initially clueless about keeping her curly fur well-maintained, and we eventually had to shave her fur completely to get a new coat out. She would sit in front of her reflection for a really long time, I think being unable to accept and recognise herself. It was sad but also quite hilarious, and thankfully we learnt fast and got it right!”

“I guess life is all about new experiences and learning journeys. When we first moved in, we only had the bare, basic essential furniture, and we took a while to furnish our home. Now, we’re looking forward to expanding our collection and ticking off our wishlists.”

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