Whimsical Palettes and Playful Tone

Whimsical Palettes and Playful Tone
Rachel & Jabez

Step into the vibrant world of Rachel and Jabez, where their love for colors isn't just evident in their home's interior design - it's a lifestyle. From their playful use of vibrant hues to a collection of nostalgic toys that would make any '90s kid jealous, this couple immerses themselves in a rainbow of joy, unapologetically living their best lives. Their creative selves are unleashed through DIY projects and the curation of home decor, bringing this whimsical space to life.

“I work as an Account Manager in tech, and Jabez is a content lead in an F&B group! He also dabbles a bit in content and retail with his friends at Sumu Goods. We'd describe our home as happy, funky, bright, and cheery, yet fully functional in every aspect! Our home feels like a reflection of our personalities. When friends come to visit, they often say, 'Oh my god, this house is so you!'”

“We are both loud and chaotic people by nature, so the colour blocking and random decor echo us in the space.”

“Before engaging Jade from Knock Knock Studio, we were trying to create a mood board and Gustaf Westman's pieces stood out to me. He designed chunky tableware and squiggly mirrors that were in really bright and bold colours. It snowballed from there and when we met up with Jade, our initial brief to her was "make it colourful" and it took off very organically. Jabez also managed to DIY our very own squiggly mirror using PVC foam, and he had these airline seat props which he kept after shooting an airline commercial in his previous project, as well as a giant collectible Swatch watch that all fit perfectly.”

”I'm mostly in charge of sourcing for the items, and it usually starts with 'What colour do we think is missing here?' and we go down the rabbit hole of finding the most random things - on Etsy, Carousell, and Taobao! We tend to gravitate towards small knick-knacks that remind us of our childhood – we bought a second-hand Rugrats table clock from Ebay, Blue's Clues salt and pepper shakers, and even random '90s toys/figurines that we just saw while strolling outside.”

“I think that because of the colours and minimal built-in we did, there's no hard and fast rule on what we can or cannot do, and there's always that flexibility to shift things around as we grow.”

“I honestly can't choose a favorite spot in the house! Every part fulfills its purpose and seeing the different colors in every room makes me so proud and happy to be in it. But my favourite tool is definitely the Wells water dispenser. Cold water on demand? Yes, please!”

“I can confidently say the kitchen is Jabez’s favorite spot – he's the chef at home and the spacious island allows him to eat, chill, work, and even doubles up as an unloading bay. He has a locker in the kitchen that stores all his workout gear, and the reason he got it was so that he could pack for his day without disturbing my sleep as he gets up at 5 am to go for his BJJ session almost every day. The thoughtful space planning in the home helps shape how efficiently we go about our routines.”

“Our theme of colourful also extended into the bedroom and the Bed Builder was definitely a tool that helped me to pick out our mix & match bedsheets.”

“Home is a cozy spot that welcomes us after a hard day at work, a safe space that allows us to be who we are, and a happy place that cheers us up and eggs on our inner child.”

“Moving into our own space together helped us get into the groove of things more efficiently. The most obvious difference is that we now have to do household chores. But I do genuinely enjoy it – I enjoy cleaning after and taking ownership of it.”

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