Modern Moroccan-Influenced Retreat

Modern Moroccan-Influenced Retreat
Corinne & Fazlie
Corinne and Fazlie’s home is filled with meaningful and purposeful picks. They share how they gravitated towards their decor choices, and how their home is carved into relaxing nooks for working, dining and lounging.
Singaporean couple sitting in 4 room hdb flat

“Fazlie is an art director for a magazine. When he's not cycling or running in his spare time, you can also find him cooking and baking. I'm a teacher currently, and previously worked in media, arts management and even floristry - I like to follow where my interests take me at different stages in life.”

Modern moroccan furnishing on ikea shelf

“We moved in at the end of 2019, not expecting that we will be forced to spend so much time indoors in 2020, or that our home will bring us such comfort and calm. Although I admit moving into our own space meant I washed the toilet for the first time in my life, and I never imagined I could get so excited about cleaning supplies.”

Singaporean couple in mid century modern dining area

“As ours is a 4-room BTO flat, there wasn't really a need to change the layout or hack any walls. The separate spaces have enabled us to work, study, relax, cook and connect.”

Modern kitchen interior design

“We are laid-back folks and things aren't too fussy here. We chose furniture that will age well and there are lots of corners where we can sit back and lepak (relax).”

Moroccan inspired interior living room

“We drew on a love for the mid-century modern sensibility and the colours and textures of Southern Europe and Morocco - like terracotta, deep greens, bleached whites, linen and stripes. We are drawn to the earthy, dusty tones of the Mediterranean for the relaxed, natural atmosphere they exude.”

mediterranean inspired interior furnishing

 “Well-made pieces do tend to cost more so it means our house wasn't fully furnished from the start because we had to space out some purchases, but it's worth it for things that you're going to love and use for a long time.” vintage retro homeware and toilet

“There were several pieces we decided on even before renovation started, such as the leather sofa, tulip dining table and Bamileke coffee table. These were integral to the overall look we were after. In a way, being so specific in our references really narrowed down the furniture search for us.”

Europe inspired modern home

“One of my favourites is this earthenware pot I saved from my late grandparents' house. It’s special to me as much for its rustic charm as for its evocation of simple domesticity. I find myself wondering what my forebears used to ferment in it and the dishes they would have made.”

Vintage earthern pot

“Sustainability is a huge consideration when we make choices for our home. We make it a point to make considered choices when it comes to our purchases so that they last.”

Moroccan inspired living room

“The last thing we want is to contribute to the throwaway culture.”

mid-century modern home filled with house plants “We love our secondhand chairs from Hock Siong. We've always admired the shop's philosophy of one's man trash being another's treasure and their Instagram account packs so much spunk and personality. Besides, where else can you score a mid-century classic like the cantilever chair for about $100. For bigger furniture pieces, we try to buy locally from shops like Castlery, Grey and Sanders, and Wihardja. For things like bookcases, you can't go wrong with IKEA of course.”

mid-century modern dining room with fresh flowers “Our dining nook is a firm favourite, not just with us but any guest who comes over and even with followers of our home account. It started with us wanting to carve out a spot that could be used throughout the day and not just for mealtimes. The roomy and cushy seating makes it equally inviting to curl up with a book or gather for a communal dinner.”

midcentury modern cosy dining area

 “Coffee is a must in the morning for both of us and 2020 was the year we discovered the pour-over. Having freshly brewed coffee at our dining nook really is the only reason we drag ourselves out of bed some days.”

modern home dining area with coffee and cake “I wish I could say our bedtime routines include a spot of meditation, but it's usually hard to escape the infinite scroll of Instagram. Luckily, both of us are cold sleepers so we avoid fights over whether to turn on the AC. We have tried cotton, linen and tencel bedsheets.”

Sojao organic cotton bedding in 4 room hdb flat bedroom

“In the cooler months of December and January, our crisp cotton duvet cover from SOJAO keeps things extra cosy.”

cosy bedroom with retro lamp

“We are looking forward to appreciating and discovering more hidden places in Singapore. What the pandemic taught us is to appreciate the things that are close to you.”

Vintage handbags and scarfs in mid-century modern home

“Home is a place where I find peace, comfort and daily joy.”

organic cotton bedsheets in singapore bto flat bedroom

Corinne and Fazlie's bed is dressed in a Mix & Match Bundle Set in Navy and Natural and an additional Natural Pillow Case Pair.


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