Boho-Chic Cosy

Boho-Chic Cosy
Arini & Zul
Arini and Zul’s bright, breezy home is filled with art prints and self-made scenic drone photography from their travels. Together with Dahlia, their adopted cat, they gave us a tour of their quiet and calming space where they make memories over cups of coffee and new recipes.
malay couple in modern four room bto singapore

“Zul and I are in the aviation and design industry respectively. While Zul cycles and runs in his spare time, I find joy in finding new recipes to cook.”

modern bohemian art home singapore
“It’s been over a year since we moved into this 4-room BTO flat. From the beginning, we knew that we wanted a spacious living area for our friends and families to lounge around comfortably. We knocked down one bedroom and replaced the walls with bifold doors so that it can still be a room, for practicality purposes.” 
modern cottage kitchen with green and brown interior decor
“The kitchen was also opened up to allow more light in. I like to be able to watch the TV while cooking. After some time, we felt that our home colour scheme was pretty muted and wanted to add a pop of contrasting colour.”

“We painted yellow accent walls in the kitchen and living area for an added visual interest. With this eclectic mix, we can describe our home aesthetic now as boho chic.” 

rattan furnishing in singapore modern home
“We were very much inspired by natural elements and rattan pieces. One of our first purchases was a rattan food cover from Malacca.” 
modern dining area with rattan furnishing
“I started out being a minimalist. But who was I kidding? Now, I am always looking out for furniture and wall decors to add to the home (much to Zul’s dismay).”
house plants against yellow wall
“I enjoy purchasing things online for the sheer convenience. Etsy, Lazada and Shopee are great platforms to find pretty home decor. My favourite is the jute rug that was manufactured in India. Our plants are mostly from Noah Garden Centre, and our furniture, from Castlery and IKEA. Zul is quite a handyman, so we often save cost by self-assembling furniture and shelves.” 
black cat with yellow bandana under sofa

“I am happy to share that most of our purchases are inexpensive. Rare and unique items can be understandably costly. Affordable stuff can be pretty too!”

“I really like the wall hanging tapestry by artist Maya Sipilovic that is displayed in the guest room. Aptly titled ‘The Dance’, Zul and I will sometimes break out into weird dances, mimicking the figures in the artwork!”
yellow hanging tapestry in guest room
“Most days, enjoying a cup of coffee is a must for Zul before he heads to work. It is quite delightful to have coffee by the window in the morning, as our home overlooks a rooftop garden. Because we are pretty near to Malaysia, we also get a view of (mini) fireworks during holidays.”
modern home with house plants and guitar
“I am currently working from home, and don’t like the idea of working at one spot. Depending on my mood, I will either work at the dining table, on the bed, or even the guest room.”
ikea bamboo dresser with mirror
“When I’m working from home, I will always have music played (quite loudly) in the background. My current earworm is a Floreyyyy remix of Paul Anka’s ‘Put Your Head On My Shoulder’. It is a modern mashup of an old classic that somehow transports you to a new realm.”
modern bathroom with organic towels and candles

“Working from home has been a luxury as I get to clean the house, cook or walk to the nearby beach during breaks. Soaking in the bathtub can be quite liberating too on stressful days.” 

“Our fur-kid, Dahlia, has been my companion from the start and she has been a darling to be with!” 
cute black cat with yellow bandana
“Recently, our bedtime routines include diffusing of essential oils and watching ‘Nat Geo Wild’ before bed.”  
sojao organic cotton forest and pinstripes soft bedsheets
“Zul is a cold sleeper, so we hardly turn on the A/C and the ceiling fan is always at a low speed. I, however, am a hot sleeper and will discreetly increase the fan speed in the middle of the night and subsequently hide the remote control. SOJAO’s bed sheets have been a saviour for me because of its cooling and breathable material!”
boho modern home with green and striped bedsheets
Arini and Zul's bed is dressed in a Mix & Match Bundle Set in Forest and Pinstripes, with an additional Forest Pillow Case Pair.
yellow wall filled with hanging photo frames and art

“Our home is a reflection of our time together. We have framed photographs of our travels all around the house, even in the bomb shelter and bathroom!” 

Get naked bathroom sign on shelf
"I feel that our home should always be a welcoming place that is clean and tidy even if we’re not expecting guests. Ever since we moved in, we have become such homebodies and appreciate simple things in life like having friends over and game nights much more than before."  
couple with cat in cosy home
“This year, we’re looking forward to having more friends over for meals and potentially adopting another cat!”
drone shot of forest in black photo frame

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