An Homage To Nature And Vintage Finds

An Homage To Nature And Vintage Finds
Marcus Mohan
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Meet Marcus Mohan – architect, artist and curator in his extended loft named “The Outhouse”. Filled with character, old world charm and built around nature, the space has a serenity you would experience at a getaway. Exposed red bricks, raw cement screed walls and lots of beautiful natural wood such as teak are used. This airy and open space was conceptualised with his father, who is also an architect. Vintage trinkets and his oil paintings give a homely gallery vibe, his artistic streak no doubt also fuelled by his mother, who handcrafts jewellery in her spare time. You definitely can’t help but be reminded to slow down and relax, especially in the joyful company of his dog Skye, and the beautiful golden hour light that streams in.
handsome white boxer dog
“I practice architecture, paint (oil) and take photos on the side. My favourite weekend activities include gardening, looking for new furniture and redecorating. If there’s one thing about the home that reflects my character, it’s my hoarding personality… haha.

“The aesthetics of my home are inspired by quite a wide range of things from old antique pieces to super clean lines. I guess eclectic is one way to put it.”

architecture stairway lines and rustic antique irons
“I’ve been living here for 26 years. 8 years ago, we designed The Outhouse, which is an extension at the front of the existing place. Most of our decisions were a response to the tropical climate like having large overhangs so the windows can be left open when it’s pouring outside.

tropical home garden in singaporeImage courtesy of @sandal.studios 

The existing garden was also a huge inspiration and takes center stage - we wanted the spaces to feel like they were carved out of the green rather than the other way around.”

beautiful rustic architecture
“When my parents first moved in about 30 years back, they planted a Ficus plant, which has since grown into this monster of a tree, and we knew we wanted to preserve it at all costs - so the extension was designed around this tree that now stands at the central courtyard where we have our breakfast and gatherings.
huge ficus tree singapore
“Because it is such a narrow and linear plot of land with all the spaces essentially back to back, we made sure that all the spaces could be opened fully (rain or shine) so that there is constant air flow in the house throughout the day.”
outdoor rustic bar counter

We also wanted the extension to be able to function independently, comprising key living spaces - to gather, eat and rest. There are also different spaces in the house for our different hobbies like painting, gardening or just lazing around.”

paintings hung up on room wall

“To be honest, the process for styling the space so far has been ‘buy now, decide where to put later’. I love the process of having a bunch of random things in front of me and figuring out how and where to arrange them. Sometimes I take everything off the shelves and walls just so I can change things up.”
house plants in rustic home
“I find myself particularly drawn to pieces with a story behind them - like an antique lamp or a chair someone grew up with and has now outgrown it. The stuff I have at home are from all sorts of places! I enjoy going to antique furniture stores with mountains of stuff and spending an afternoon scavenging through them.”
vintage antique vase and lamp
“There’s one in Cavan Road called Wing's Woodcraft & Antique. That’s one of the top spots for my parents and I. The store owner has a story behind every piece and it’s pretty incredible just listening to him talk about where all these things came from.”
unique stone basin with black tap
“I am also constantly scrolling on Carousell because there’s always someone trying to get rid of something somewhere and sometimes even for free. I recently got a bunch of large solid teak frames from the 60s in mint condition from this guy who was clearing out his house - and now I’m gradually finding art pieces or photos to frame up with them.”
painting of indian girl in teak frame
“I love placing art works all around the house. My family makes a lot of art and I think it makes the space a lot more fun and personal. You can find mum’s ceramic pieces from the 90s all around, and recently we framed and hung up my little nephews’ paintings (with those Carousell frames!)”
dog painting hanging on wall
“I recently got this Clerici lounge chair from a shop at Tan Boon Liat. It’s my first ‘new’ piece that is way more expensive than anything I’ve gotten before. It took a while, but I finally convinced myself that it was a good investment and I would be bringing it with me wherever I go.”
clerici wooden chair

“My first instinct when purchasing items for my home is always to look for second-hand pieces because there’s so much out there that are in need of a new home, and most of the time, they are so well made and in great condition.”

secondhand vintage chair and items with house plants

“I’ve started working in the office again, which is nice because I’ve learnt that I am most productive when I can keep my work and personal spaces separate.”
rustic brick closet
“But the best days are when I get to come home to catch the sunset. The bedroom and study are west-facing, which is typically not ideal, but we have this planter at the front of the house to block out some of the afternoon sun and it causes this filtered light effect from 5pm all the way until sunset."
sojao organic cotton natural bed sheets in sateen
“It’s my favourite time of the day to spend at home. On days when I do get back earlier, I sit at my favourite spot on the floor in the study room as the sun is setting, before heading down for dinner.”
evening golden light hygge
“I am a cold sleeper and I don’t sleep with an aircon for sinus reasons. Because of this, I like my sheets to be as breathable as possible - I’ve tried cotton and linen sheets.“
cotton sheet in bedroom with brick red wall
Marcus's bed is dressed in a Mix & Match Bundle Set in Natural and White, with an additional Pinstripes Pillow Case Pair.

“SOJAO sheets are especially great in the early mornings because it is just the right amount of chilly and feels extra buttery - definitely harder to get out of bed, but just one more snooze never hurt anyone, right?”
rustic bedroom with brick wall

“Home to me, is where I can walk around barefoot and where I am greeted by Skye after a long day.

This year I look forward to painting more, finding more beautiful furniture and catching more sunsets at home.”
cute white boxer dog
Marcus is wearing our Organic Cotton Loungewear Set with the Navy tee and Stone pants.

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