Flat Sheets And Hospital Corners

Flat Sheets And Hospital Corners

What’s the use of a Flat Sheet? How can we use it in place of a Fitted Sheet? Flat Sheets or Top Sheets, are almost unheard of in some parts of the world but this versatile piece of bedding can be used as a thin blanket, as an extra layer under your duvet like hotels do, or used in place of fitted sheets especially if you have an odd-sized bed.

You can easily do this by following our simple instructions on achieving neat-looking Hospital Corners (overlapping folds used to tuck sheets neatly and securely under the mattress). You’ll want to add this flexible piece of bedding to your essentials.

Step #1

Place the flat sheet centred on the mattress.

Step #2

At the foot of the bed, tuck the excess fabric under the mattress as tightly as you can.

Step #3

Bring up the excess fabric at the sides at a 45 degree angle, like a triangle.

Step #4

Tuck in the excess under the mattress and drop the rest.

Step #5

Tuck in the remaining fabric and you have a nice Hospital Corner! 


Watch us demonstrate with the cutest tutorial ever, as part of our Tiny Home original series!

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