How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

Don’t know how to fold that dreaded fitted sheet? Don’t give up, it is easier than you may think. Here's six easy steps we follow every time (we do fold sheets very regularly after all)!

Step #1

Grab the fitted sheet by two corners.

Step #2

Fold it in half by tucking the bottom corners into the top corners. Invert each bottom corner before bringing it to meet its top corner.

Step #3

Lay the fitted sheet down.

Step #4

Tuck in the messy corners to make a rectangle. Then fold into half or thirds depending on its size.

Step #5

Neaten and fold into desired size of square.

Step #6

Place in the handy dust bag that comes with every SOJAO sheet for neat storage.

Need a demonstration? As part of our Tiny Home Series, we’ve created the cutest fitted sheet folding tutorial ever - we promise it will be just as quick in real life with some practice. 



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