Sheryl Yeo

Sheryl Yeo

“Bad-ass Girl Boss.” That’s our impression of Sheryl, the founder of 3EIGHTH, a gender-neutral custom clothing brand. She strongly believes in empowerment through creating clothes, and in the process, setting up safe spaces for everyonesingapore female tailor entrepreneur

The two-year old shop has been pushing boundaries and also recently collaborated to outfit Charlie Lim & Aisyaah Aziz in their latest music video ‘Won’t You Come Around?’. 
Aisyaah Aziz Charlie Lim Music Video Won't You Come Around
Image courtesy of 3EIGHTH
“3EIGHTH was launched in 2018, almost funnily, due to my frustration of the lack of 'menswear options' for women because I enjoyed shopping in the mens’ department a lot. Why couldn’t women have nice olive coloured pants or suits?”
3EIGHTH local Singapore tailor fabric samples

“I think to some extent I always knew I wanted to build something for women, as I always approached my life as a mash-up of my passions - from designing things, to marketing and building brands, and my love of mens’ styles. Setting up the label felt like a natural progression and I decided to go for it.”

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“Akin to 3/8" (three eighths of an inch), which we use as an allowance for garment pattern drafting and sewing, 3EIGHTH aims to provide everyone - regardless of their genders or sexualities, an allowance to suit themselves.”
Sheryl Yeo 3EIGHTH shop

“It was extremely important to me that our label be neutral and a safe, inclusive space for everyone, stripped of any gender connotations.

singapore tailor local entrepreneur Sheryl Yeo
Although I’m working as a female in a male-dominated industry, I’ve always felt like I’ve been in healthy environments so thankfully that’s not really caused much pain for my growth. I’ve received so much mentorship from Mr Thomas Wong and Marcus Lio of The Prestigious during my apprenticeship, and I respect them a lot.”
Singapore female tailor Sheryl Yeo
“However, I’ve had moments while serving male clients before, and I do feel it does take awhile for some of our opinions to be received. Thankfully, I’ve also had many awesome clients, both male and female whom have shown me much appreciation for my work. I am extremely grateful for that and I take that as a win for us.”
singapore liberty fabrics

“Over the past three years, I think I’ve been super lucky to have the pleasure of dressing all sorts of people across the spectrum with interesting stories and experiences. Some of my clients have really cool occupations.”

Custom tailored shirt singapore
“One time, I met someone who was supposedly working for the Interpol as a researcher, and I was really floored because I never expected to come across anyone who would work in these trades.”
3eighth custom tailor in singapore
“When making decisions for the brand, I think it’s important to consider how we grow and evolve along with our clients and the new challenges that come over time. With this in mind, holding onto our core values and DNA of serving menswear-adapted clothing with 100% inclusivity, has helped me to take the steps I’ve taken thus far. I had two clients recently who identified as transgender and told me specifically that they chose to come to us because they felt they could be in a safe space.”

“This really warmed my heart and serves as a reminder to me to keep true to our values no matter how hard it gets.”

custom made tailored shirt for women singapore

“If anything, this introspective side that took over last year has helped me to gain clarity and also confront my almost unhealthy obsession with menswear, to revisit what feminine dressing means to me and other women who resonate with my frustrations.”

“This ultimately led me to put out a made-to-order collection of menswear-inspired styles for women named STAPLES, which launched online last November. It truly was an introspection into my menswear journey and an output of alternative clothing options.”
3eighth made to order staples collection

“I hope more women can be comfortable welcoming masculine styles into their wardrobes, that we can dress in whatever we want, and still feel confident in it.

3eighth custom female suit for women singapore
Image courtesy of 3EIGHTH
“When I get stressed out, I tend to take breaks in between to make some tea or head out to grab a snack. Some days I end up feasting (way too much) on cakes and bubble tea. If I’m working from home I tend to stare at my cats hahah! But my favourite self-care activity is actually going for salon visits - I really find it cathartic to be able to go through a change of hair colour or cut, and find a new me’.”
sheryl yeo custom tailored suits for women

“I think it’s common to go through periods of slumps and burn-out. But it’s also important to give yourself down-time when you’re going through it too.”

3eighth tailor shop singapore
“I also try to find balance and recalibrate by finding time to switch off from work - it could be as simple as watching TV, visiting a cafe, or through exercise (to mainly burn off the desserts I love to eat). Although I’m bad at being consistent with exercise, I try to do that to remain healthy and remind myself that there’s nothing I can’t get past if I just commit to it.”
cute cats chilling on pink bedsheets
“It’s definitely nice to come home after a long day of work and hang out with my partner and our two silly cats at home. Yuki and Kirara were adopted when we first moved in about six months ago, and it’s really brought much joy to our home."
pink grey and green organic cotton bedsheets with cat
Sheryl’s bed is dressed in SOJAO’s Mix & Match Bundle Set in Blush Duvet Cover, Stone Fitted Sheets and Forest Pillowcase Pair, with an extra Blush Pillowcase Pair.

I sleep for about 7 hours a day but I feel like I could always do with more! I think it’s really about getting my sleep times right, I tend to sleep a little later than usual thanks (or rather, no thanks) to my procrastination habits. I’ve made it my 2021 resolution to sleep and rise earlier, which I’ve yet to see some success with, but I’m still hopeful, and I’ll keep trying.”

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