Anita Kapoor

Anita Kapoor

You might meet Anita Kapoor for the first time and feel like she’s an old friend. The travel and lifestyle host has a natural ease in connecting with people and she’s mindful of making everyone feel comfortable and safe. We had a wholehearted chat one lovely afternoon and she gave us some insight into her thoughts and daily habits of practising mindfulness that we really resonated with.anita kapoor relaxing in bed“Back then, it was deep boredom with magazine journalism, and a toxic work environment that had me thinking outside the box. The opportunity to become a host arrived as a contest which I won. That opened my world to a different way to tell stories.”

“My career used to feel random and a fluke, but I now know I have pretty good intuition. It's helped me to make all of my decisions, coupled with what I hope is life experience and a drop of wisdom.”

anita kapoor reading at homeCovid was a wake-up call to my creativity, something I wasn't always confident about. I'm a good idea generator, but I've come to understand a lot of these ideas are responses to fleeting moments and trends in time.”

“Once I accepted that I truly love sitting with people, being able to help them tell their story, and that I truly believe in the interconnectedness of us all, I was able to work with greater self direction.”

banana and avocado on book stacks and rattan furniture in modern home“During Covid, I created two projects - Beyond Chaos, an Instagram conversation series and Beyond Chaos was about holding space for everyone during lockdown through talking about topics that were coming up for all: coping, mental wellness, careers ending/beginning, hobbies and change.”stacks of books on rustic shelf“Shareyourvoice came from being acutely aware of how distanced everyone was feeling. And how everyone had an experience to share. I asked 100 people to send me their 1 min audio 'postcard' to the world - inviting people to imagine, travel and, most of all to feel safe and connected.”christmas ornaments on white christmas tree

“My home is eclectic, comfortable and peaceful. Everything has a story because that’s how I pick things in my home. The Buddha head and bell were my mum’s. The Ganesha was my dad’s.”

buddha head incense stick and tibetan singing bowl“My favourite space is my blue chair and my kitchen window. I love coming home to the stillness. It's my cocoon and my rest and recharge space.”anita kapoor relaxing in blue armchair at home

“I always need eight hours of sleep. Sleep is essential, medicinal, healing. I wouldn't trade it for anything, and if I find myself with less it has dire consequences on my mind and body function.”

SOJAO organic cotton bedding in blush pink

“My day starts at 7:30am, if I've gotten into bed by 11pm the night before. I like solitude, rituals and breakfast. I’ll make my bed, put the kettle on, start with a shower, dress, light an incense stick, do a short prayer and meditation, then breakfast and 'silent sitting' which is my way of grounding, emptying my mind, and dreaming.”lotus in glass vase on wooden bedside table

"There have been moments where I felt burnt out, absolutely. Burnout is the final result of long term coping behaviours in life choices and situations you don't like, or which aren't healthy for you.”

incense lighted next to buddha head, prayer bell and ganesha

“Very honestly, I've previously gotten through them poorly, because I had a lot of life responsibilities when my mum was alive and I did not have the bandwidth to find out why I swung between anxiety and determination.”family alter table with buddha image

“Now, it's different in that, I work on myself to understand what that anxiety is attached to, why, and whether it is good for me or not.”

“I have not always gotten it right, but 2020 gave me both crisis and time to face it.”kitchen spices in modern home“My biggest acts of self-care have been therapy, bodywork (massages, energy work, TCM, Ayurveda), somatic trauma healing, and nature and spiritual connectivity. Alongside it: sleep, hydration, and breathing exercises.”anita kapoor reading in her living room next to potted plant“Physical exercise comes after all of this is balanced, else it simply exhausts and distresses. Of all, learning about how my nervous system works, the body's chemical response, and being able to connect to the life force of this world, has given me the leaps in healing and thriving.”

“The body knows, and holds all the patterns of reactions. The truest self-care is to give yourself a chance to find answers to how you feel and why, how to feel better, and that helps healing and leads to thriving.”

Anita Kapoor smiling on blush pink SOJAO bedsheets

Anita’s bed is dressed in SOJAO’s Blush Bundle Set and she’s wearing the Elevated Loungewear Women’s Set in Stone.



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