Rosalind Kang

Rosalind Kang

We’re incredibly honoured to feature Rosalind, a nurse who worked at the frontlines of the current pandemic that we are facing as a collective humanity. Frontline workers have always been on our minds through this period as they are faced with immense pressure, anxiety and stress. Rosalind shares her experience with us, and how coming back to her beautifully furnished home helps her mentally recharge for the next day.SOJAO_She_Hustles_rosalindkang

“As nurses, we're handling matters of life and death, with many unpredictable situations arising that may require our immediate attention. We call this "feet always on the ground", meaning to say we're constantly on the move, resolving issues that pop up one after another. Despite the difficulties of being a nurse, I love helping those in need. I also felt that acquiring the skill sets of a nurse would equip me with general medical knowledge, and the ability to take care of my parents when they are old one day.”

“When I was chosen to be part of the COVID team, I was really anxious to be honest. I was afraid that I would contract the virus and spread it to my loved ones. I didn't sleep well during the first week. I also showered 5-6 times a day to make sure I was clean after entering a patient’s room and before I left for home. It was certainly a very tough journey, but I'm proud to have been involved in this experience.”

SOJAO_She_Hustles_rosalindkang“Nursing is definitely not an easy career, and I used to have thoughts of giving up. However, when I see my patients discharged and happy after my care, or receive a letter of compliments, I feel a tremendous sense of satisfaction because I was able to directly impact someone else's life. After all, one's success in life is ultimately dependent on the number of lives we touch, isn't it?”

SOJAO_She_Hustles_rosalindkang“The first thing I do in the morning is to drink a full glass of water to energise all my internal organs. As a coffee lover, a shot of caffeine is a must, to help me through my hectic day. And at the end of it, coming home is something I look forward to! I feel very happy to step back into my beautiful home and to be able to listen to my favourite music. It is a place of relaxation for me.”

SOJAO_She_Hustles_rosalindkang“We wanted a spacious, clean and aesthetic home that is cosy. So one of the key decisions we made was the use of wood throughout our home. Together with dim lighting, it gives us a cosy feeling, particularly with the curtains let down. In addition, we also found a liking for "older designs". The use of rattan brings back memories of our growing-up days, and the consistent use of antique brass brings out a touch of vintage. Ribbed glass complete the finishing touch.”SOJAO_She_Hustles_rosalindkang"A distinctive design of our home is the niche and arches. Beautiful Florence in Italy is where my husband proposed to me, and The Dome was what inspired us to incorporate softer touches of design such as curves and rounded edges. It is meaningful to us in that way."

SOJAO_She_Hustles_rosalindkang“We have a piece of art that is hand-painted using special mud from Florence, that we bought on that day. We were walking by this store with very unique paintings inside, and we wanted to buy ourselves a gift to decorate our future home, as well as something that would remind us of our proposal.”

SOJAO_She_Hustles_rosalindkang“There are many times where I feel burnt out. I’m someone who needs to vent out my stress, so I will vent to my husband and close friends who have no choice but to listen to me! Aside from that, I will go for yoga for a good stretch. I'm also absolutely a foodie, so I will indulge in food which makes me happy and that leads me to spend more time in my cosy kitchen!”

SOJAO_She_Hustles_rosalindkang“I'd say that rest is never enough. As a nurse, I have 3 different shifts. Somedays I get probably 3-4 hours of rest, while others, I get 7-8 hours of sleep. The bed is just a magnet which draws me to it, particularly with my awesome sheets.”

SOJAO_She_Hustles_rosalindkang“I love organic products because they have no chemicals, and are healthier for our bodies in the long run. Organic products also help better our environment and create a form of sustainable living.”

“I’ve started to become more mindful of the products we use, especially since we now have our own home, so I'm glad to have found SOJAO!”

SOJAO_She_Hustles_rosalindkang“The COVID pandemic is unpredictable but our healthcare team in Singapore is really strong and dedicated. On behalf of all of us working on the frontlines, I’d like to say to everyone: Don't be afraid. Follow the rules and policies by the government and we will get through this. I’d also like to thank all my fellow essential workers who provided us with their service during this difficult period.”

SOJAO_She_Hustles_rosalindkangRosalind’s bed is dressed in SOJAO’s Classic Mix & Match Bundle Set with Natural Duvet Cover, Blush Fitted Sheet & Blush Pillow Case Pair.



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