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Winona Tan

The clean and minimalist aesthetic favoured for her skincare brand WANT translates into Winona Tan’s home as well. She shares some insights into how she started her natural ethical beauty business and takes us into her stylish apartment with her two adorable Schnauzers Blairy and Ziggy.


“WANT was conceptualised when I decided to take the plunge to quit my job in IT and move to HK for love. Not feeling quite motivated to work for someone else and coming from a family background of entrepreneurs, I was in bed one night and realised it was the perfect moment to start something of my own. At the time, I was switching out from commercial skincare to natural ones and could not find any 100% natural ethical skincare. WANT came about organically and in 2017, I moved back to SG and launched WANT.”


“Starting WANT has got me on a rollercoaster ride. The most challenging lesson learnt would have to be learning to be patient. Not rushing into things just because other businesses are doing it but focusing on what is right for the brand.”

“In the first 2 years, I can’t even count how many times I have asked, ‘WTF am I doing?!’ When I’m in a rut, I'll head out and meet up with friends to get outside of my head. On rainy days, I’ll mix up a face mask and indulge in a little skin TLC. I also make a cup of tea and go, ‘this is going to make everything better."

SOJAO_She_Hustles_winonatan_wantskincare“My mom’s sheer courage and determination to seek a better life, when she moved us to Singapore having little education and money, is my inspiration in life.”


“I start my day by misting my face with The Facial Spritzer in the morning to wake myself up. Then I go through emails (reply to the urgent ones) and scroll through Instagram for some motivational quotes. Yoga after that, walk the dogs and then I get my day started. I work from home most of the time and deal with the daily emails, orders and coming up with new plans for WANT with the interruptions of my dogs every now and then.”

SOJAO_She_Hustles_winonatan_wantskincareWinona's bed is dressed in SOJAO’s Mix-and-Match Bundle Set with an extra pair of Forest Pillow Cases.

“On average, I sleep for 6 hours a days and that is definitely not enough. Getting proper sleep is something I struggle with unfortunately so I am constantly finding ways to improve my quality of sleep being a light sleeper.”

“Having nice sheets from SOJAO, silk eye mask from SLIP and aromatherapy are my essentials to a beauty night’s rest, not forgetting the night time skincare ritual.”


“I have a comfortable home with Scandi decor with loads of natural light penetrating into the apartment. I think it is such an important factor in a living space.”


“My favourite part of my home is where I have a print by Darren Saravis hung because of the memories of how I gotten it and little colourful accents midst the black and white furnitures around the home.”