JICON Chrysanthemum Porcelain Plates

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The JICON (meaning porcelain 'JI' in modern times 'CON') brand was founded by the Touetsugama Kiln, itself established 350 years ago in Mikawashi of Sasebo City, Nagasaki in partnership with Japanese designer, OJI Masanori. The Kiln is currently succeeded by IMAMURA Kenichi XIV. JICON uses a unique blend of porcelain stones and glazes accompanied with an unconventional firing technique at much higher temperatures to obtain their one-of-a-kind off-white porcelain wares with a matte texture and are tougher, heavier, and harder.

A chrysanthemum-shaped, white porcelain plate designed based on the old Arita (a town in Saga prefecture where kiln is now based) traditions but refined to fit the modern life style. 

Size: Small


Sustainably Made

From seed to sheets, we're GOTS-certified organic

Easy Care

Machine-washable and you can also tumble dry on a low heat

Softer with Use

Quality that lasts and only gets better over time

30-Day Returns

Bring it back if you ever change your mind

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